Everything Fit Bodies episode #97: Coconut Beach Camp!

Coconut Beach

Several years ago while working on a project with Apple Vacations and Fitness Magazine, the idea of using coconuts as med-balls came to me. When doing bootcamp and fitness on the beach, I like to use what is available such as lounge chairs for tricep dips, the soft sand to add intensity to movements and any other item that can become a prop. Eyeing some coconuts on my morning run, gave me the idea, and when I started playing with them, the ball really started rolling, no pun intended.

The Coconuts

The only requirement for this class is coconuts. What I love about using coconuts is the inconsistency. The brown ones are normally the lightest and the green ones the heaviest. That allows the participants a chance to work at their own level. Ask the Entertainment team to find you 15 to 30 coconuts. Sometimes I ask the gardeners who gladly climb a palm and chop off what I need. But normally you can find them lying around any of the beaches and resort landscapes of the hotels where you will be offering these classes.

Lets get started!

The warmup is the same as any hi-lo, cardio fusion, dance-based class. Music should be no faster than 130 bpm because you are teaching on the beach. The sand slows down lateral and linear movement so keep the moves simple. Allow 5-7 minutes for the warmup and then have the participants run and grab a coconut. Mix up the cardio with the muscle work by creating intervals. You will be working out in the tropical elements, which also adds to the intensity. Short 30 to 45 second of the higher levels combined with 1 to 2 minutes of the lower levels. Always be sure to provide modifications for those with higher and lower capabilities.

Coconut moves

Start with some simple moves such as biceps and triceps, lunges and squats.

Next add a cardio interval by placing a coconut at one end of the beach and the other. Participants run around it and then shuffle or Karaoke back.

Bring on some partner moves such as passes around the middle, and over-under. Add some tosses with squats.

Repeat the cardio section and finish off with some seated work on a towel. Ab and core work as well as hamstring and adduction using the coconut for all these exercises.

Knee lifts with passes under and reaches from side to side with short and long levers are also great ways to use the coconuts.

Cool down with some stretches moving the coconut side to side before you gather the group back up for some good upper body stretches and deep breaths.

Its Fun!

Its corny but its fun. Everyone wants to be on the beach when they are on vacation so why not give them a real beach workout. They will love it! I will be creating a module with Fit Bodies Coconut Beachcamp along with some great music to use soon, so everyone can do it!
Thank you for watching Everything Fit Bodies. I can’t wait for you to try Coconut Beachcamp on your next Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation.

See you next time!


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