Everything Fit Bodies episode #93: Getting to the Resort


Getting to the Resort!
You finally made it to the resort for your teaching vacation. Here’s what to expect.
On the plane
While on the plane you are handed customs and immigration forms. Please be very careful when filling them out. Use a black or dark blue ink pen and do not cross out or block out anything. You will be asked to redo the document. Most importantly, be sure to mark the Vacation or Tourist section and DO NOT MARK BUSINESS. This is very important because you will be asked to get on the next plane home if you check off business instead of vacation or pleasure travel. Remember that you are not being paid so this is not a business trip.
Secondly, do not declare any of your gift items. They should not be noted on the forms or mentioned when asked what is in your suitcases.
Off you go to customs and immigration. This can be a long line or a short line. A common question – is this your first time? They say to me – you really like it here don’t you? These are leading questions, not to be concerned about but be sure not to ever divulge the purpose of your visit is to teach classes to the guests of the resort. What you are doing is not illegal but could be misconstrued by these persons of authority.
Again, if asked – “What’s in the bags?” You say, clothes and shoes. Lots of shoes!! They may even ask, “Are you bringing any items for anyone?” The answer is no. Because what they are looking for is someone bringing items to locals for re-sale. Again, trying be specific will not work. Find your luggage and don’t be afraid to use a porter. I find that I can get through the immigration area much faster with someone taking care of my bags.
Arrangement for your ride to the resort should already be handled. If you are traveling to one of the resorts that includes transportation such as Couples Resorts and Jewel Resorts – follow the directions you were given in your Trip Details. If you booked a transfer with JTL or Amstar, you will see your name on a sign that might even have the Fit Bodies, Inc. logo attached. JTL is inside the terminal and Amstar is outside the terminal. Please be sure to read the Trip Details letter from your concierge and your voucher to be certain you are following protocol. If you decided to take a taxi you are on your own.
First of all WOW!! Isn’t this place gorgeous? I can say that about every one of the resorts where we send our pros without question.
Check in as if you were any other paying guest and mention you are the Fit Bodies, Inc. pro. You will be given the same accommodations as those other paying guests. Ask for the contact person noted on your voucher and be SURE to touch base with this person. If for some reason your contact cannot be reached, please reach out to any one of the Entertainment team members who can help you locate your contact.
Once you get settled in, your contact person will show you around, offer an orientation and discuss the schedule.
We post a tentative schedule on our site that is always subject to change. Be sure that your contact is aware of the classes you teach but the days, times and duration are not negotiable. There may be some changes that you were not expecting but no one will ask you to teach more than 3 classes a day or classes you are not trained to teach. If that happens give us a call.
Now comes the best part of the teaching vacation. Even better than the luxury accommodations, the amazing food, the gorgeous beach and fabulous sunsets. Here you are inspiring others from all over the world.

You will be in front of a group of people who vary in age, exercise levels, sobriety levels, communication levels and conditions that are not necessarily ideal. Hard surfaces, sun, heat, wind, humidity – all these things mean you MUST keep the intensity low, show modifications and keep a watchful eye out for any emergencies. The exception would be in Jamaica at the Couples resorts where there are members who attend every day and the studios there make it possible to teach advanced level classes. A few of the resorts do have indoor facilities but at most of the resorts, expect an outside experience. Plan accordingly. Your contact will show you or assist you with your music if needed.
Tennis pros will normally be offering clinics and most of the time you will be working with a staff tennis pro. Not always, so be sure to be prepared for either situation. Show up 15 minutes early, stay at least 20 minutes before you leave if no one shows up. Talk up your classes before class and during the day while at the pool, beach or dining.
Class is over. Enjoy your vacation any way you like. You and your companions are free to experience the resort and all its amenities just like any paying guest. You and your companions must remember though that as a representative of Fit Bodies, Inc, you should always dress and act respectfully and if any adverse situation arises we are you contact. Please reach out to us before someone at the hotel. Even though you paid money to be there, you are considered comped so it is best not to complain unless it is absolutely necessary. Always contact us first. We are available by email around the clock.
If paying into the gift fund was not an option you will need to give the gift to your contact. Please do not give it to anyone but the contact and if that person is not there for some reason, email us for further directions.
If you show up without a gift or without paying into the gift fund, you will be charged $100 plus the cost of the gift fund for us to expedite it to another person. The gift fund is a very integral part of our contract with the resorts and is not negotiable or optional. We are happy to be able to offer the entertainment teams of our resorts amazing items they would not have in their budgets. We make a difference. Thank you!

Thank you for watching everything Fit Bodies. Get your trip booked right away and mix your passion with paradise.

See you next time!!

About Fit Bodies

Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program was established in 1992 by Suzelle Snowden. Serving fitness, wellness, yoga and sports professionals to offer teaching services at luxury resorts worldwide. Resort guests can count on professional, experienced instructors to offer quality programming at many wonderful, luxurious resorts. Fitness, yoga and sports professionals ready to begin enjoying teaching vacations can learn more and sign up at our booking site FitnessProTravel.com.
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