Everything Fit Bodies episode #92: After you Book, READ


After you are booked…READ

Ok so you booked your trip, now what?  Well it is very simple if you READ.  We work really hard to offer every tiny detail in the information you will receive immediately upon booking.  All it takes to understand the final steps is the ability to read.

Step 1: Automatic Email

You will receive an automatic email showing the hotel and dates that you booked as well as the amount you paid.  That email comes to you immediately after you submit your order.  If you do not receive that email, check your spam folder.  If it is not there, your email address is blocking us so please contact our office immediately.

The email confirms your order and tells you NOT to Book your Flights while your order is marked processing. We will be reviewing your profile to be certain it is complete with photo, bio, professional experience and that we have received copies of your current certifications. We also confirm that your qualifications match the selection.  Next we double check that we haven’t made a booking mistake and at that time, if everything is in order, we change your status from “processing” to “confirmed”.

This email also provides a copy of our change and cancellation policy that you agreed to when you made your purchase.  This email also tells you what to do next.

Step 2: Trip Details

Login to your account and click on the big blue MY TRIPS space to find your recent and past trips listed.  Click where it says View Order Information to find out the status of your order.  If it still says processing you must continue to wait.  If it says CONFIRMED you will be able to find your Voucher and Trip Details.  The voucher can wait because it needs to be printed and taken with you to the resort for verification.  But the Trip Details is an immediate mandatory read.  This document was created by the Fit Bodies, Inc. concierge of the hotel you booked and has valuable information that cannot be missed.  PLEASE READ it at least once when you first book and go back to read it again as you get ready for your trip.

Step 3: Travel Insurance

Once your order has been marked Confirmed, you will receive an email about Travel Insurance which also mentioned that you are confirmed and can purchase flights.  This is your indication the order status has been changed from Processing to Confirmed.

We recommend Chartis Travel Guard insurance for many reasons.  Those who have needed it and didn’t have it will never travel without it again.  For a very small amount of money, you can retrieve much of your purchase back if you have to cancel, or the 24hour concierge can assist you with lost luggage, missed or cancelled planes or any number of issues.  The medical assistance is invaluable as well.  So take a look and click on the link that will take you to their site for more information or to purchase.  Many airlines and travel agencies also offer it.  We have a no refund policy so we make sure that you have all the information you need to recover funds in the case of a last minute cancellation.  It doesn’t matter where you buy it but it is an investment that you should consider.

Step 4 – Transfers

Now that you are confirmed you can purchase your flights to arrive and depart on Sundays.  Another email you might receive right away is information on Airport Transfers.  There are a few resorts that still offer free transfers to the guests of the resort but most do not. We will be sending you an email that explains exactly where to purchase airport transfers to your destination on our site.  Again, this is optional.   You are welcome to book with another service provider or take a taxi.  But for your safety and comfort we have partnered with Amstar and Jamaica Tours to offer you door to door service that can be monitored by our office.

Other emails from us

If you are traveling to Jamaica we have two more emails coming to you.  One is in regards to Club Mobay the arrivals and departure lounge.  We have partnered with Club Mobay to offer our members the Fast track in and out of the country as well as the departure lounge for added comfort as you wait for your flight.

We will also send you information about Island Phone Rentals.  This is another company who we have partnered with where you can rent a phone while you on the island.  Please refer to Everything Fit Bodies Episode 87 Island Phone Rentals for more information.

Concierge Communication

Please be sure to read the details in regards to your teaching schedule under the Book a Trip tab where you will find all of the details pages listed or click VIEW RESORT DETAILS on the page where the booking takes place.  This page offers you a tentative schedule and other tidbits of information.

But you will be receiving emails from your concierge in regards to the purchase of your gift if you didn’t pay into the gift fund within a month of your travels, and a reminder to create a flyer if the hotel you book asks for one.  Your concierge is available by email to answer any questions, help you book extra nights or extra rooms if you want to bring along additional companions and make sure your teaching vacation comes off without a hitch.

That’s it!  It is all there for you if you READ.

Thanks for watching Everything Fit Bodies.  Here’s wishing you a fabulous teaching vacation!  See you next time.


About Fit Bodies

Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program was established in 1992 by Suzelle Snowden. Serving fitness, wellness, yoga and sports professionals to offer teaching services at luxury resorts worldwide. Resort guests can count on professional, experienced instructors to offer quality programming at many wonderful, luxurious resorts. Fitness, yoga and sports professionals ready to begin enjoying teaching vacations can learn more and sign up at our booking site FitnessProTravel.com.
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