Everything Fit Bodies episode #91: Booking a Teaching Vacation



Booking a Teaching Vacation

The most important thing to remember about the Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program is that you choose where and you choose when.
Our website is designed to give you all the information you need and it has a shopping cart to finalize the deal.

Your Account

So you have created your account. We ask you to give us details in a bio and your professional experience. These details help us determine your qualifications and how to activate you in our system. If you leave areas blank, or without details, we are unable to make that classification. We ask you to list your current certifications and send copies to us. These we need on file before you travel. We also need a photo loaded in your account. A reminder with easy directions will appear on your account until you add one.


The operative word. You can search from every page on the site and with every search option you would need.

First Log in – this page has a spot to choose where and when. Where – offers a list of countries where our hotels are located. When – offers a calendar to add a date. Click Find Available Vacations and your search is filtered based on your choices.

Click Find Available Vacations without choosing either or click on the Community tab to offer more search options as well as a social stream to read comments from your fellow professionals.

Community Page

On the left upper corner you will see the Search Travel Opportunities section. Here you can find a hotel in the list, a date, a type – family or adult or both, countries and specialties. A quick note about the date search- our pros travel on Sundays, so if you want to find which resorts are available for one week in particular, choose the Monday of the week you want. Choosing Sunday will filter both weeks that have that date in the Sunday to Sunday date range.

Below this area is Shop Travel Spots which offers more filtering options.
Advanced Search offers even more filtering options including airports and regions.

Search Results

A list of resorts will appear based on your search with a short description. Click on the resort name with the position you want and you will be directed to what we call the “add to cart” page. Here you will see the same short description and a drop down menu with the dates that are still available to book. Every date you see is open and has not been booked by another professional. Below this area are photos, reviews and a longer description as well as a big orange button that says View Resort Details. Feel free to click there to read about the gift fund, the transfers, view the tentative class schedule and more. Click on the Book this Resort to get back to the “add to cart” page to place your order.

Book it!

Click on the date – Sunday to Sunday which are your dates of travel, the position from the drop down menu and click Add to Cart. From here you will be prompted to add billing information or choose one that was used previously.

Before you place your order you will be asked to double check that your profile is up to date, and that you agree to the terms and conditions. There is a companion area to fill in as well. Click Place order or if you want to travel more than one week click Continue Shopping to put you back to the Travel Spots section where every resort is listed.

You are booked!

You will immediately get a reply with information on how to confirm your booking and what to do next. Please read this carefully and follow instructions. Once your booking is confirmed you are welcome to book your flights to arrive and depart on Sunday. You will be asked to locate your voucher for resort check in and your trip details letter. This letter is mandatory and will offer detailed time sensitive information that changes on a regular basis. The Fit Bodies, Inc. concierge for the hotel you booked will be in touch with even more details.

Its that easy.

Thanks for watching Everything Fit Bodies. I hope you book a trip to paradise soon. See you next time!

About Fit Bodies

Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program was established in 1992 by Suzelle Snowden. Serving fitness, wellness, yoga and sports professionals to offer teaching services at luxury resorts worldwide. Resort guests can count on professional, experienced instructors to offer quality programming at many wonderful, luxurious resorts. Fitness, yoga and sports professionals ready to begin enjoying teaching vacations can learn more and sign up at our booking site FitnessProTravel.com.
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