Everything Fit Bodies episode #89: What is a Teaching Vacation?

yoga at Dreams Riviera Cancun

yoga at Dreams Riviera Cancun

What is a Teaching Vacation?

We call it a teaching vacation because you are teaching what you love while you are on vacation. Working vacation doesn’t fit because we all LOVE what we do and enjoy spreading the knowledge and energy to others. You are treated just like any of the other full paying guests at the resorts with all-inclusive accommodations for you and your companions and all the amenities at these 5 star luxury resorts. The big difference is that you are the Rock Star for the week.

You are the leader of the fitness or yoga classes or the coach on the tennis court. You do this for no more than 3 hours a day and the rest of the time is yours to spend however you like. You arrive and depart on Sundays and teach the other days of the week. The schedule we post on our details page is tentative and always subject to change but it does give you an idea of what each resort expects. The times and duration as well as the general content is determined by each hotel based on the demographic of the guests, location and the environment.

You can teach your specialties while there but many resorts do require certain formats such as aqua or mind/body. This information is clearly visible before you book.

It’s an Obligation

Yes it is your vacation but when you book a trip whether it is for next week or next year, you are guaranteeing us and the resort that you will be there to teach the classes listed in your account profile. We send in your reservation to the hotel, along with your companion information, we tell them what you are certified to teach based on your profile, and we proceed to inform you of all the details needed for a successful experience. We are obligated as well to cover every week at every resort so when you confirm your booking with us, we expect you to be there and so does the hotel. Please always keep this in mind and book your teaching vacations only when you KNOW you will be able to fulfil that obligation. Cancelling or switching dates or locations creates openings we struggle to fill.

After you book it

Immediately after you hit the place order button you receive an automatic email with lots of very important information. It tells you not to buy flights until you are confirmed and that it might take up to 24 hours. It tells you how to find out if you are confirmed and to read the “Trip Details” letter immediately because of time sensitive details about this particular resort and position. No matter how many times you have traveled with us and no matter how many times you have traveled to the same resort, this information changes and it is mandatory to read it. Do you know that our Fit Bodies, Inc. concierges have to send this letter to all the travelers because it seems that very few people read it on their account page. Even though we explain in the email that it is mandatory. This amazes me because we are working with adults who were trained to follow directions. These details are very important and ignoring them can be disastrous. Making sure you are prepared and know exactly what to expect is our ultimate goal. We appreciate your cooperation so that your teaching vacation is perfect.

No Surprises

This is what we strive to accomplish but sometimes a new manager might tweak the schedule we have posted which is why it always says tentative and subject to change. Sometimes miscommunications happen especially when we are not all speaking the same language. We pride ourselves on our customer service that offers you 24 hour assistance whether by email, phone or website. We are here to answer the phone or email if you experience an issue at check in, rare but it can happen. One quick call and it is always resolved.

Help us help you by reading the details on the resort descriptions page, the trip details letter and our terms and conditions. Be aware of our cancellation and change policy and realize that the administration fee is a service fee you pay us so that we can provide you and your family all-inclusive accommodations at a five star resort where you teach what you love.

The Gift

Someone wrote to me yesterday disturbed by the “mystery gift” that she read about. Why was it such a mystery and why don’t we just say what it is. So I told her, it is not a mystery, it is a particular request made by the staff of the hotels. We offer each hotel $150 value in the form of what we call the gift. It is non-negotiable. It is part of the teaching vacation package. You will be asked to take a particular item in your carryon or luggage and our Fit Bodies concierge team will let you know exactly what that is before your trip. Now keep in mind that we offer this information to you as soon as we receive it which is sometimes a bit tardy. Also know that Lisa, Erica and Denise beg for this information many times before it appears so if you feel we aren’t getting it to you in a timely fashion, know it is all because our partners at the resorts who are off doing their duties instead of emailing us.

You will notice that some Jamaica resorts collect the gift funds up front. Then we send them larger more expensive items such as sound systems, gym equipment, etc. with the collection. You also might get lucky and contribute to a more expensive item that someone else brings down to the resorts. No matter how it is done, there is always a gift per week and a very important part of the teaching vacation program. I created the gift fund when I first started this company as a gesture of kindness toward the resorts hosting each pro. These resorts, no matter how large and how prestigious, do not have a budget for certain items they desire and require for the day to day operations in the entertainment and fitness departments. We appreciate your contribution and so do they.

Thank you for watching Everything Fitbodies. I hope you learned a bit more about our teaching vacations. See you next time!

About Fit Bodies

Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacation program was established in 1992 by Suzelle Snowden. Serving fitness, wellness, yoga and sports professionals to offer teaching services at luxury resorts worldwide. Resort guests can count on professional, experienced instructors to offer quality programming at many wonderful, luxurious resorts. Fitness, yoga and sports professionals ready to begin enjoying teaching vacations can learn more and sign up at our booking site FitnessProTravel.com.
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