Everything Fit Bodies episode #87: Island Phone Rentals


International calling

I like to be connected. I need to be connected but even before “being connected” meant data retrieval, I found a great way to make and receive phone calls in Jamaica.

Have you ever returned home from a trip and found an astronomical phone bill after just a few short international phone calls. That happened to me one time and since I travel a lot to Jamaica I looked for a solution.
Some of you already know this but you can purchase a cheap phone there and add minutes or dollars to the phone to acquire the international minutes you need. For me that works because I travel there many times a year. But what if you only go every once in a while? You don’t need your own Jamaica phone.

Rent one!

My good friend St. Aubyn who was station manager for Delta at the Montego Bay airport for years, decided to go out on his own and create Island Phone Rentals. We know you have planned your teaching vacation in paradise to the greatest detail and are now ready for a week of fun and sun in the tropics. You deserve it. Time to unplug yourself from your hectic lifestyle, and enjoy freedom from your daily commute. This is your time to disconnect from the real world, dust off your sunglasses and step into a pair of flip flops. But try as you may, there will always be the need to keep some sort of contact with the outside world. The world doesn’t grind to a screeching halt just because you are on vacation, even though we firmly believe it should.

The reality of the situation is that we live in the information age and staying on top of the information that matters will have a positive impact on your ability to relax and let go.

But how do you strike the perfect balance?

Introducing Island Phone Rentals

Their cell phones have excellent coverage right throughout the island and in addition to unlimited overseas calling, you also get 1 hour to make local calls.

All incoming calls and texts are also free. Let Island Phones take care of your communication needs. These phones give you the best value and is also the most practical option.

Make the smart choice….. Rent a cell phone from Island Phone Rentals. It’s relaxation in a mobile package.

Smart phones

I am so happy for St. Aubyn and know this is such a great idea. The rates are cheap and they will hand your phone to you at the airport and even send you the number before you arrive. But he had my attention when he mentioned smart phones. Now I always carry mine but what interested me was the fact that these can be used as hotspots. So you can activate wireless capabilities on your laptop and tablet anywhere!
Contact me at suzelle@fitbodiesinc.com or look for the link on the details page of any of our Jamaica hotels.

Thank you for watching Everything Fit Bodies. I hope you stay connected on your next Jamaica trip, see you next time!


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